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VISIT FLORIDA works with a statewide network of journalists who write, film, photograph and illustrate stories of Florida: 75 regular contributors include reporters, photographers and informational graphics designers from the Tampa Bay Times, Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, and Orlando Sentinel. One of the photographers is a Pulitzer winner. The network also includes on-air talent from Florida’s major TV markets and CNN, and videographers who work regularly with ESPN among others.

VISIT FLORIDA distributes that storytelling to interested media at no cost. Examples of our publishing partners include, and a blog on Huffington Post.

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25 Rides of Your Life at Florida Theme Parks
By: Sarah Whitman
seaworldThe more that goes on during a ride, the more we feel and the more willing we are to wait in line. Here are 25 coaster rides at Florida theme parks, for thrills you won’t soon forget. An increased heart rate. Belly flips.

The illusion of “I am free-falling off a skyscraper.” Read more here.

10 Florida Tours That Will Float Your Boat
By: Bonnie Gross

boatThere’s no shortage of waterways to explore in Florida.

The first tourists in Florida arrived by boat – Juan Ponce de Leon and his crew, 500 years ago – and it’s still the best way to see the Sunshine State.

From a boat, you can reach special places where there are no roads and glimpse views you can’t see any other way. Some of the boats themselves are one-of-a-kind attractions.

And, there’s no shortage of waterways to explore – Florida has 1,800 miles of coastline and 12,000 miles of rivers and streams. Read more here.

5 Days, 5 Florida Springs
By: Kevin Mims

springsGot five days on your hands? Do what visitors to the Sunshine State and native Floridians have been doing for generations: spend time at a spring.

Freshwater springs are the ultimate year-round Florida attraction, and we’ve got more of these crystal-clear natural wonders than any other place in the country.

North and Central Florida have the highest concentrations of springs, making it super simple to create your own personalized trip… Read more here.




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Five Delicious Brunch Spots in Miami

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